Product Information

Weight – 100g

Dimensions – 175 x 75 x 75mm

How To Use

Roll the device obliquely and horizontally covering the entire area targeted for treatment for approximately 3 minutes.  Apply the recommended Environ moisturiser or other product after rolling.  If the skin feels sensitive after a treatment, do not repeat until the skin feels comfortable again.  Start the programme by rolling twice a week and slowly progress to daily treatments.  Use this as part of your evening regime to ensure no sunscreen products cause discomfort to the skin.  It should be used on the upper and lower eyelids with extreme caution.  

Only to be used by those who have acclimatised their skin already to AVST 2 or C Quence 2.

This device can only be used on the body for scarring, stretch marks and lax skin.  Clean the device thoroughly after every treatment with warm water or Tea Tree solution.

We are proud to be an official Environ stockist. Due to the high level of active ingredients in some of the Environ products, we may need to contact you to discuss your requirements before releasing your order.